Choose to Remember the Good


When the children were growing up we purchased an old motor home.  We traveled a lot of places in that motor home (Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Branson, etc.).  I don’t remember a time that we were out that something didn’t breakdown.  A member of the church once said to me, “Bill, motor homes are a nice concept, they just don’t work.”

Even after Vickie’s death the children and I went on trips.  Today, if you ask them about that motor home they will tell you about all the break downs, the lack of sufficient air conditioning and me losing my temper in the heat.  When I remember back, I remember the laughs, the joy of bringing friends, the places visited and the joy of being together as a family.

We Christians are sometimes like that.  In our travels with God we have joy and laughter – many good times.  In that journey we also have many difficult times – many valleys.  Why is it that way?  It comes down to a choice of what we want to remember. May we in our journey of life remember the good times and forget the bad.  Life is much more pleasant when we do that.

One thought on “Choose to Remember the Good

  1. William (Bill) R Baum

    So true. Remembering then good, The Fun & The Joy keeps us in a thankfulness and giving our Lord Thanks.

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