Should We Picket Fred Phelps?


We have all read in the news about the death of Fred Phelps. Many will sigh relief at his death. Others will with a strong voice say, “May he burn in Hell.” He, his family and his church were relentless in picketing at military services and anyone who stood up for gay rights.

This man who was so outspoken in his earlier years about civil rights became passionate in his later years about the sinfulness of the gay lifestyle. I never understood his thinking and rationale, for I was always like Abraham Lincoln, to deny liberty to one group is to deny liberty to me.

If Fred Phelps was having a funeral service it would be too tempting to want to go and picket. After all, an eye for an eye. But that would not be the Christian way. Turning the other cheek is not always easy. Forgiveness is even harder. Jesus said, “If he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times comes back to you and says, ‘I repent,’ forgive him.” (Luke 17:4) But we learn as Christians, that forgiveness is necessary even without the other person asking. “Why?” because forgiveness is for us!

Hatred may win the battles and wars on the battlefield. In the final call of life, it is love that wins. Lives are changed for the good through LOVE.

4 thoughts on “Should We Picket Fred Phelps?

  1. Kathy Allen

    Pity the utter wastefulness of his life. He ultimately spewed hate and discontent wherever he went; even his own family spat him out at the end. I don’t think dignifying his actions with any response at his funeral would be appropriate. God will handle his punishment or forgive him.

  2. Penny Quick

    To picket his funeral would be to lower our standards to his level; our actions no better than those which we abhor. Let him and those like him fade into obscurity, without fanfare.

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