Church Has To Change With The Times


While God doesn’t change, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever, (Heb. 13:8)” the Church does change. Although God remains steadfast, the Church must be changing to remain relevant, effective and evangelistic. One of the most difficult struggles as a pastor is to make the necessary changes in worship. Older generations like quiet prayerful times, soft organ music, formal style and things to rarely change. Younger generations (used to videos, the internet, etc.) want everything fast moving, no organ, not quiet moments, informal and everything constantly changing. And yet all generations want everything inner generational.

We have worked hard to have a “blended” service. The service incorporates some of each groups needs. It is the same God. It is the same Bible. But we all like our styles and methods of worshiping God.

Understand, the question “How do I like worship on Sunday?” is important. But what is also important is how do others like worshiping God? While it is important that I receive something from the worship service, it is also important that others receive something and especially those who are seeking to find Christ.

My personal prayer is, “Lord, keep me steady in the winds of change but not rigid and unbending.”


One thought on “Church Has To Change With The Times

  1. My favorite thing about our worship service (aside from the fabulous sermons of course) is having communion every Sunday. It is the most important reminder we have that Jesus died for our sins. I am truly blessed that I have found a church that wraps all of my favorite things (Communion, Great Music, Great Preaching and caring Christian community) into one awesome package called Hillside Christian Church.Jill

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