What Are You Worth?


I like a bargain, if I can find one. It is sometimes difficult to find that balance between a good buy and an item that is quality and looks great. My idea of comfortable is in a pair of old shorts and a worn-out Tee. If you drop in unannounced at my house, you will probably find me in those. Being a minister doesn’t lend itself to wearing this to the job. You have to dress more professional.

I dropped in at an Outlet Mall once that had several stores of major clothing companies. WOW, nice clothes and at reasonable prices! I was in Heaven. Think of it, a poor Disciples minister being able to afford some very nice clothes. I might be able to walk out of the store looking like a Presbyterian or even an Episcopalian.

As I looked through the clothes for my size, all at once I noticed a tag. The tag inside read, “My Be Irregular.” So, as I look for my size, I also look for mistakes. I don’t want to buy anything that has a noticeable mistake.

That says a lot about our lives, doesn’t it? We are all a little irregular. We have cheapened ourselves with our little irregularities. We had been rejected. Not wanted by anyone at the full price. Yet, God came and gathered us up with all of our irregularities and bought us back at an incredible price.


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