When Is Enough, Enough?


All of us are saddened by the outbreak of killings that are taking place across the country. It happens in urban places, rural places, poor neighborhoods, affluent neighborhoods, it happens everywhere. Wherever a group of people gather (schools, malls, businesses, etc.) a mass killing can happen.

We talk about the shooters as people who are mentally unstable. Many are unstable, but not all. Some know the people that they are killing, but some don’t. Regardless of what is behind the motive or reason for the shooting, the quick, easy and abundance of guns makes it all too possible. I remember a few weeks ago when here in Wichita a toddler was shot and killed because the child was trying to get his father’s handgun out of the night stand drawer. Why would anyone with a small child make a hand gun so available?

I admit, I am scared. Several years ago I conducted the funeral for a ten year old girl whose brother blew her head off with a gun. “He didn’t know it was loaded.” Talk about a family in pieces!

At some point we as a society have to decide that what is good for the whole of the community is greater than our individual liberties. I have problems with what is going on in Texas right now. Going into a fast food place, grocery store or even to the mall, and seeing people with a gun hanging over their shoulder is frightening. It all may be legal, but I feel less secure seeing such things.

The NRA is a powerful group. While it may be about rights, it is more about money. Don’t get me wrong. I think we should be able to have guns for hunting or sport, but, do we really need a gun that fires 50 rounds in 60 seconds? Assault weapons are designed for one purpose, to kill people. When everyone is packing a hand gun, who really is the victim? Perhaps it is time the Christian insists that stronger background checks be made. That certain types of weapons be banned. Yes, bad people will always have access to a weapon of some type, but just perhaps, somewhere in all of this madness, our society will begin to change.


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