Write It Down


Perhaps you are like me, I sometimes forget things.  The mind isn’t the steel trap it once was.  I find myself having to write down lists of things to do, to remember, or just notes.  At first I was troubled by this, I guess a feeling of growing old.  Then I noticed something, it was freeing – almost liberating.  When I took the notes, it freed me to forget.  It was one less thing to worry about remembering.

I have a friend who is now several years sober.  It was a long journey and she still carries the scars of those drinking years.  But she discovered the importance of keeping a journal of her journey.  When she was sober, she would read in her journal about what was happening, how she felt and the pain.  It was enough to relive the pain and never want to go back.

I am mindful of the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments.  God wrote it down so that not just this generation but all generations would remember.  In the Book of Revelation when God addresses the seven churches, God says “write.”  We remember.  All important things are written down.

Like you, I keep an electronic calendar that I can access from the office or from my home.  (I rarely carry my cell phone around.)  On that calendar I put all of my important meetings or dates.  On that calendar I block time for God.  Do you do the same?

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