Angels, Angels, Everywhere Angles


Do you feel that you are being watched over by an angel? Most of us do. We can’t explain the odd things that happen in our lives. The car accident that was narrowly missed. The unexplained recovery that the doctor can’t explain. The miracle that happened that was certainly unexplained. We say, “My guardian angel was looking out for me.”


Angels have played significant roles in the life of humanity. Angels were created by people, but have a role of being messengers between God and humanity. Only two angels are named in the Bible. Michael who is recorded as the only archangel and Gabriel who announced the coming birth of Christ. All other angels (and there are a lot) are nameless.

We know that one third of the angels fell with the Devil. A fallen angel becomes a demon. The other two thirds, become helpers, worshipers and messengers for God, to God’s creation. They hear our prayers. They deliver answers to our prayers. They protect us from evil. They rejoice when a sinner repents. They worship God continuously.

We don’t know what they look like. Most of the time they appear as a “normal” person. However they come, whatever they do, we are thankful that they watch over us.


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