Isn’t the political system something this year? The TV and radio stations are filled with ads. We are not even into the general election, still in the primary, and mud is being slung in every direction. Doesn’t matter whether it is the House of Representatives or the Senate, even some very local offices are doing this.

Probably some of the information being shared is true. Most of it is probably half truth and half distorted. There may even be a few out right untruths in the mix. As a voter, that is my challenge, to decide what to believe and what not to believe. It is always challenging to vote for the person I feel will do the best job.

This year is especially challenging. Why? Because there is a lot of big money behind it all. Political pacs that don’t have to be as accountable. Political pacs that can do the “dirty work” for their candidate. Wealthy individuals that can give large sums of money that will leave a candidate feeling obligated for favors. I understand the concept of “freedom of speech” as the Supreme Court has ruled, but I don’t agree with it. I don’t care what political party one is a part of, no one voice should be heard above another.

I like the words of the Gospel of John 1:23, “I am the voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’” The amazing thing about our God, is God’s ability to hear the tiny voice that has been smothered out by the world. A God that doesn’t play favorites, that treats with equality and is always fair. A God that isn’t influenced by wealth or power, but by love and grace.

It is always the tiny unforgotten seed that breaks through the concrete sidewalk and grows into the huge oak and spreads its branches wide.


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