“Abused and Used!”


I want to zero in on the issue of domestic violence. Domestic violence is found in families of all economic levels, among all professions, among all educational levels, among all races, and in all parts of our world. No one is immune!

When one family member suffers violence it effects all family members. It is almost always an adult who is the perpetrator. And of those, it is usually but not always, the male who is the aggressor. Minors, who have little or no influence in decision-making and are incapable of self-protection, are often victims of violence.

I was in a store recently where a mother and her two children were shopping. One of the children misbehaved, as children often will do in public. The mother yelled at the child in a voice that could be heard across the store. She used language that was inappropriate. Then she slapped the child several times (hard) around the shoulders. Abigail Van Buren once wrote about a woman who listened to a mother verbally destroy her child. The woman told the mother, “I’ll give you a dollar for him.” Only then did the mother realize the value of her child.

Now I firmly believe in discipline. PRO 13:24 He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him. My own two children can give you a vivid recall of when they were disciplined by me. They can tell their story which almost sounds like them walking to the gelatin? However, the discipline always corrected unacceptable behavior while always showing them love? In discipline you always preserve the child’s dignity, embrace with love and showed the child the right way for life.

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