What are you hoping for?


Church is where we get our hopes met; where our yearning is fulfilled. I dare say that is the major reason why people keep coming to church. Though their hopes are often disappointed by what we do here on Sunday morning, there are enough Sundays where one is able to emerge from the service saying, “That service really did something for me.”

The trouble is that the gospels seem to engage in a continual debate with people’s hopes and expectations. Jesus came, light into our darkness. But the problem with Jesus was he was not the sort of light that we expected. That is where the trouble started. Jesus was the hope of the world, but he was not the hope for which the world was hoping!

It’s enough to make each of us ask, “What am I hoping for this Christmas?”
Some among us may not be sure. What will bring you to church this Sunday morning, or to worship on Christmas Eve? You may have been called here by some strange, indefinable pull, some tug on your heart, that you would find difficult to describe. An open heart may be better than one that is filled with definitions and preconceptions and preconditions.

The Bible says the light has come into our darkness. John says it best, In him was light, and the light was the light of all.

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