Finding The Right Youth Minister


I’m tired of fakes. I want someone called by God. I’m tired of laziness. I want someone who will really apply themselves to the job. I’m tired of hearing that I have to work all of these long hours and yet no one sees anything happening that would verify the long hours. (I’m like James the brother of Jesus, I want to SEE the work.) I’m tired of lies and deception. I want the refreshing truth. I want a Youth Minister that is more than a babysitter. Anyone can entertain children for a couple of hours, but not just anyone can minister to young people.

I want someone that is willing to learn and be taught. I don’t want someone that would rather listen to false advice because it feels good, but is all wrong. I want someone that respects authority and understands and appreciates accountability. Because all of us are accountable to someone. I want someone that has their priorities straight and doesn’t make the church and its ministry the last priority in their life.

I want someone that will grow the youth of our congregation and not use them as revenue generating. I want someone that cares who shows up for Sunday school and calls on the missing. I want someone that sees the Scout Troop as an opportunity for Christ and not as another night away from home. I want someone that really loves the Church!

God, I have had enough! The Search Committee is at the point of recommending a candidate to the Church Board. In the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) finding a youth minister is very difficult. And good youth ministers are even more rare. We received 17 applications, and they were excellent applications. The committee interviewed 8 candidates, face to face.

The Search Committee is planning a very special weekend on February 1st. The candidate will meet with the Search Committee, have dinner with the Staff, participate in worship, be introduced at a church wide reception, meet leaders in the congregation, attend the Youth Super Bowl Party, and see the community.

The young man is intelligent, sharp, compassionate, and exudes a calling. He graduated at the top of his class at both the University of the Cumberlands and at Asbury Theological Seminary. All of his references have spoken of his abilities and have done so freely and generously. His background check was totally clear. (No problems with the law.) He is ordained, and has a Master of Divinity degree which is seven years of study beyond high school. He is qualified.

With all of that training and pedigree, there are three things that impressed me the most. 1) When the Search Committee was interviewing him, there was a slow down in conversation, not because of the candidate, but the Committee was tired. The candidate took control of the conversation and brought the committee to life. That is leadership. 2) When children and youth were present, he always included them in the conversation. They felt important! One young child said, “I hope you become our youth minister.” (Out of the mouths of babes.) 3) He wants to work under a seasoned minister. At my age they don’t get any more seasoned.

Yes, I am convinced of this young man’s calling! And I have hope.

2 thoughts on “Finding The Right Youth Minister

  1. Larry Christensen

    Trust in the Spirit to lead you and all who are involved in the final decision to call. I’ll be praying that the Spirit’s presence will be made known to all Feb. 1st.

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